Cherie Miner

Cherie Miner

Medium(s): Contemporary Needlework

Artist Statement:

My work has been called contemporary needlework, and it’s a description I’ve adopted. I combine the classical art education I received in college with the traditional needlework (embroidery and quilting) I learned from the women in rural Iowa. I deliberately push the boundaries of fine art and craft in my choice of materials and presentation. I explore traditional content: landscape, still life and abstraction, for example, using needlework and textile media. As a woman, I build my art from scraps: of materials and my time, like generations of women before me.  The rich colors and textures of the materials as well as the ties to applied art forms create tensions I exploit. But ultimately, I hope their beauty seduces the viewer.


Miner was born in Red Oak; graduated from Griswold High School; and attended Drake University in Des Moines, where she studied studio art. After graduation, she married artist Curtis Adams and attended graduate school to study drawing. She earned an MFA from Texas Tech University. Shortly after, her son was born. This event prompted a move to Illinois near family. For 12 years, Miner worked in business marketing and public relations as a writer. Then in 2001, after the birth of her daughter, she returned to Iowa with her family. Living on the Miner family farm, raising kids and free-lance writing, Miner began to slowly ramp up her art production. In 2013, she returned to full-time employment as direct of Mobile United Methodist Missionaries.  In 2015, she joined Noyes Art Gallery in Lincoln, Nebraska. She became a grandmother in 2018, prompting a renewed interest in quilting.

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