Gail Younts

Artist Statement:

Painting strikes a chord in the soul and there is a dance, a process of applying colors and layers, shadows and nuances that are a discovery of the subject. It is creating a whole by adding up the sum of its parts. A painter becomes the vessel through which the subject speaks by utilizing colors like words or notes in a song. My portraits of musicians are intended to evoke a definitive mood and personality. I think that the way values are rendered in a drawing tend to push a piece to be able to speak to you. I love working with a high-contrast style that shows value ranges from deep black to bright white or color combinations that create a mood conducive to the musician. Many of my pieces tell a story, they contain fragments of memories that are expressed through thoughtful use of color and contrast.

Artist Bio:

I have been an art teacher for the last 20 years at various levels and have taught in Nebraska, Colorado and Iowa. I currently teach 7th-12th grade art at Fremont-Mills High School and Sidney High School. I have been an art instructor for the last 15 years each summer for youth at the Wabash Art Camp in Shenandoah, Iowa. I assisted in coordinating the Boot Sculpture Community Art project in Sidney, IA and designed and painted one of the boots. I have painted a mural for the Sidney Swimming Pool and restored a ceramic tile mural outside of the Sidney City Hall. Before teaching, I was Assistant Director at the Hayden Art Gallery in Lincoln and have shown my work publicly at the Noyes Art Gallery – Lincoln, Peru State College Gallery, Bellevue College Art Gallery and Hillmer Art Gallery – Omaha. My art was selected in October, 2016 as “Today’s Feature” at and I was featured in an article at ( and am a regularly featured artist on the ArtistWaves Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter. You can view my art at the FiveOne8 in Red Oak, Iowa and at Self Expressions Gallery in Nebraska City, Nebraska. I have sold prints and products with my art all over the world via my Etsy shop:

The Five One 8