Reagan Eubank

Location: Red Oak
Medium(s): Metalsmithing

Reagan Juel Nissen-Eubank – Owner and Designer,  Reagan Juel

I always joke that there is a lot of me.  In name, ideas, drive.  I also always joke that this job just gives me an excuse to buy cute outfits.  The business is named after me after all, got to look the part.  But you could say this stuff is just in my blood.  I was blessed with good stuff on both sides of the house.  A glam girl grandmother who was always dressed to the 9’s and exuded a simple elegance I couldn’t even begin to possess.  She had one heck of a killer costume jewelry collection let me tell you.  And then a ‘we can make anything’ grandmother, who had projects lined up for me for days when I’d come to visit.  It never mattered if we had just the right stuff or had done it before or not.  We just made it work. 

I fell into jewelry making by accident.  I’ve always made stuff, fixed stuff, designed stuff.  But no, it was one of my little dudes that got me into glass bead bracelet making.  People liked them, I didn’t like making them, so, I said OK then.  Let’s really do this, let’s make stuff I’d actually wear.   So ReaganJuel was born.  As I am a huge fan of saving the old stuff repurposing broken awesome vintage jewelry was just a given.  These are remnants of someone’s past life.  It was something that was special to them, or made them feel pretty, or they just couldn’t let go of for whatever reason.  It all has stories.  Through me they get to make new stories, they get to get worn again.  But to get better at that, I took a year of metalsmithing.  I started out just wanting to know how to attach and finish stuff better.  I left it a smith.  It’s all still vintage.  Be it vintage ceiling tin, license plates, images or other found objects.  But it’s all done with tools, my hands, and my ever evolving skill sets.  I really am just a tool and process nerd.  I’m driven to make things no one else has.  To do pain in the butt things no one else is willing.  You really can make just about any idea that pops into your head into a real live tangible thing.  And it’s that challenge that feeds my brain and brings happy to my soul.

My hope is you will either find something that amazes you on the smithed side of the house, or makes you smile on the vintage side because you simply find it pretty or it reminds you of someone you love.

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