Downtown Planters Project

Red Oak Arts Destination (ROAD) is looking for specific proposals, sketches and/or concepts to paint one of the concrete planters on the square. There are eight to be decorated. This is a volunteer community project spearheaded by local professional artists and open to all ages. Each planter should have continuity in design on three sides, the fourth side (with a bench) will be painted a solid color. The planters are approximately 18" tall and 10' on each side, with proprtions of 1.5" x 12" on paper, or digital files. Please submit via email with your name and contact information to by May 31, 2022.

Red Oak downtown planter project.

First Selected Submission

Red Oak Arts Destination (ROAD) is thrilled to share a thoughtful, colorful, remarkable composition by Red Oak High School senior Gannon Sallach for one of the downtown planters. This is exactly what we're hoping for - community interest and involvement.

Gannon Sallach's downtown planter artwork submission.